Soap & Felted Soap

Soap ($7.00)

Creating is sooo much fun. I offer over 30 varieties of hand crafted, cold processed soap made in small batches. The soap is made using quality carrier oils, pure essential oils, and herbs, fruit, and vegies grown organically on our farm. There’s something for everyone from Country Clean Plain soap to fun creations loaded with beneficial ingredients. Enjoy!

Fresh Uplifting Soap

Citrus Soap

Spicy Soap

Soap Blends

Scent Free Soap (No Essential Oils)

Other Soap

Felted Soap ($14.00)

Our regular bars of soap wrapped in hand dyed fibre from our farm pets and needle felted in place. Each bar takes 30 minutes to felt. While giving you a better grip, enjoy the scrubby and massaging benefits of these long lasting bars.

Varieties vary. Contact for availability.